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A Stompin' in Harlem

Lee Summers

Broadway Performer, Director & Producer

about "A Stompin' in Harlem"


"A Stompin' in Harlem" is chocked with all the tasty ingredients of a satisfying evening of theater, great songs, clever dialogue and an engaging story!

"A Stompin' in Harlem" creator, Michelle Robinson proves her tenure on the Great  White Way has not been time wasted.


Alice in urbanland

Chita Rivera

legendary Actress

about "Alice in Urbanland"


This is a wonderful reading for kids.

Written with delightful, magical friends and family. It takes place in today's time, which makes it even more vivid and captivating for its reader. The charicatures are perfect and eye popping.

Michelle Robinson writes with a voice that is fresh and strong, and stands out.


The city (work in progress)

A pop musical, The City is intended to be an unforgetable theatrical experience meant to bring all of the many fabrics of this captivating city together. It is the story of a young man, who ventures to New York seeking fame and fortune. No sooner he arrives he is befriended by what appears to be a homeless man whom he later discover is an guardian angel with mystical powers. Together, they embark on a journey to endless corners of New York City uncovering the many different cultures, music and dance  that makes up this mosaic notable referred to "The City".

diamond lils
(work in progress)

Enspired by Ernie Barnes portrait entitled, Sugar Shack, DIAMOND tells the story of QUEENIE, the proprietor of Diamond Lils,

a low-down, git-down hoochie flowing nightclub.

One Good Friday evenin' Ms. Queenie is approached by her nervous dealer reporting trouble in the back room.

Summoned to scene with eyebrow raised, who intends to rectify the situation, becomes captivated by King, a nomad drifter who oblivious to the boss and the rules of the house, controls the back room, with his charm, poise and so it seems, endless streak of luck.

Although Ms Queenie has been around and has seen them come and go, King is different. During the course of the night against her innate belief, Ms Queenie's heart takes over  and changes the rules. With each hand of the card game played, the story moves forward to unfold the rhythm and the force of Queenie's desire for King.

Not a simple love story.

Diamond Lils is the place where, a card game transcends game into fantasy and real life.



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